Our Culture

Our mission is to build strong partnerships by providing the highest level of personalized, professional service to our associations while driving their growth and sustainability. We invest in our clients’ mission, goals, values and long term success and deliver extraordinary value and service.

Long-term relationships are beneficial to L&L and to our clients; as changing management firms is costly to both the AMC and to the client financially and in terms of momentum, effort and history. L&L’s culture of integrity and professional service is based on shared values between our clients and the L&L Team, which creates a cornerstone for a strong and healthy long-term partnership. We believe that if we provide consistent quality service, we will be given the opportunity to continue working with our clients. At L&L Management Services, our commitment to our culture, and the invigorating challenge of association work, helps us attract top notch professionals. Association management is fast paced and dynamic and our team is made up of energetic and professional staff who value respect, responsibility and teamwork. Our team understands the importance of the associations’ work and the impact associations have on people’s lives.

We are proud of the longevity of our partnerships. Of our 9 clients, 6 have been with us over 15 years, 4 have been with us between 5-14 years, with our most recent client joining us in 2010. We know that client and employee satisfaction comes from trusting collaborations, which take time to build.