Our Services

L&L serves as our clients’ association headquarters (the Executive Office). Overhead costs are shared between all of our clients, thereby increasing each association's resources and capabilities without major capital investment.


A Team of dedicated professionals is appointed to manage each client directly on a day-to-day basis. The Executive Staff is led by an Officer who is accountable for the relationship and delivery of services. The Officer will attend at least one Board of Director’s meeting per year.

An Association Executive delivers day-to-day professional services and acts as the Executive or Associate Executive Director of the association. The Executive Director works closely with the Officers, Board and other leaders of the association.

The Accounting Department provides accounting services for each group, and miscellaneous support services, such as mail management.

Other staff may be assigned to the client based on size and scope of services.


Membership Services, Recruitment and Retention

L&L Management handles all aspects of membership including recruitment and retention, membership benefits, member communications, dues billing and collection, and member directory publication.

The Executive Staff works closely with clients to develop and refine marketing campaigns and strategies to recruit and retain members. We strive to increase the membership of associations through the development and improvement of programs such as new member mentoring/sponsoring, member benefits and outreach to new members. It is certainly easier to retain a member than to find a new one, so we also work with the association to provide value to its members.

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Board of Directors and Committee Coordination, Guidance and Support

The Executive Staff works closely with the Board and Committees to plan and execute association goals and initiatives, programs and member services based on the organization's mission, strategy and objectives. It is our responsibility also to provide strategic and operational leadership, as well as new and innovative ideas and approaches.

L&L Management Services, Inc. takes care of all logistics related to Board and Committee meetings such as securing sites and other meeting planning details, preparing agendas in consultation with leadership, staffing the meetings, producing minutes, and implementing results. The Executive Director attends every Board meeting. Executive Staff serve as the liaison with each Committee, providing assistance to the Chair in accomplishing the committee's goals and objectives.

Other services in support of the governance of each association include the development of Board member webpages for orientation and ongoing communication.

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Strategic Planning

A written strategic plan is an important tool used by an association for establishing realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with their mission. It also assists the association in allocating precious resources by focusing on priorities that advance their vision. The Executive Office plays an active role in implementing strategic initiatives, working in unison with leadership to review and revise the strategic plan to adapt to the changing environment. The continuity of the Executive Office ensures that the corporate history and culture remains intact.

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Complete Meetings, Conference, Convention and Event Management

Association members need ongoing access to educational and professional development opportunities that build on their existing skills and knowledge. At L&L Management we know individuals have their own unique learning styles making it important to offer a wide array of formats in which learning can occur. From course content development to logistical details, we specialize in managing and executing your meetings and events ranging in attendance from 10 to 3,000 attendees. Our expertise includes domestic and international meetings, honoring the cultures and regulations of each unique destination. We also manage a wide variety of recreational activities, intimate and large social events, and other ancillary conference events working within the scope of your needs and budget. We negotiate with national and international hotels chains and vendors bringing those savings to each associations regardless of size.

Our complete meetings, conference, convention and event management services include:

  • Site/venue selection;
  • Vendor contract negotiations;
  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Registration systems and processes;
  • Program Committee coordination;
  • Program development;
  • Speaker and faculty management;
  • Abstract submission and review management;
  • Award coordination;
  • Tradeshows, exhibits, scientific posters and e-posters sales and management;
  • Hotel and catering logistics;
  • Social and special events management;
  • Audiovisual selection and coordination;
  • On-site meeting management;
  • Electronic and hardcopy syllabi and program book preparation;
  • Post-program evaluation and reporting;
  • Continuing Education Accreditation Management;
  • Webinars, webcasts and web conferencing.

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Abstract Submission and Review Management

One of the highlights of any scientific meeting is learning about the latest research and scientific discovery, exchanging ideas, and networking with others who share a common interest. As such, L&L Management understands how important it is to provide an effective and user-friendly system to gather, review, score and select the most relevant abstract submissions. We work closely with our vendors to develop systems that are tailored to the unique needs of each association. We provide administrative oversight throughout the process and continuously work to enhance the system as new needs emerge.

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Grants, Fundraising and Sponsorship Development

L&L Management assists our clients in raising grant monies to supplement conference revenues. Our experience has indicated that the most effective strategy is to partner with our association leaders to build a campaign that includes a well-defined corporate recognition program that meets corporate objectives and complements the society's mission.

Executive Staff works with the Board or designated Committee to determine the goals and objectives of the fundraising program, then implements the program through the development of materials such as grant submissions, Sponsorship Prospectus, and continue the cultivation of corporate partners.

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CME/CLE/CEU Accreditation Process Management

Most members of associations have standard requirements for licensure renewal. Therefore, a core function for many of our clients is developing a variety of programs that offer continuing education credits. L&L Management oversees the complex process on behalf of our clients for obtaining accreditation or re-accreditation, with organizations such as the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Maintaining our knowledge and expertise on changes to certification requirements and developing systems and processes to ensure compliance are all within our scope of service. L&L Management also works with other certification processes that may be unique to our clients, such as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

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Financial Management

L&L Management provides improved financial controls and practices to our associations. Our internal practices ensure the highest levels of integrity and reliability. The internal control system is augmented by an independent annual audit/review cycle.

L&L Management provides full financial management including

  • Processing accounts receivables and payables;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Budget development and monitoring;
  • Oversight of annual audit/review and tax filings;
  • Daily and long-term cash management.

L&L works with IntelAccount (a third party payer system) which allows staff and the Treasurer to review, approve and store payables on-line. It’s a fast and efficient use of time for everyone involved in payables.

We've established a long-term relationship with US Banks in Minneapolis. We have a customer service agent assigned to help us with day-to-day transactions as well as advise us of new products available. We also work with such companies as US Bancorp and UBS Financial Services, Inc. for long-term investments. We have investment policy templates available for associations to adapt to meet their specific needs.

We utilize Microsoft Dynamics™ GP (Great Plains) which is a comprehensive business management solution built on the highly scalable and affordable platform of Microsoft technologies. It offers a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating finances and e-commerce.

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Administrative Support

L&L provides complete administrative support. Our associations are assigned an individual phone number which is answered personally by the administrative staff on your team. If staff is unavailable, a customized voicemail mailbox will record the call. Our policy is to return all calls by end of business day, ensuring fast and personal attention to members and leadership.

Administrative support staff processes, screens and responds to requests from members on a daily basis.

Your records and correspondence are maintained, updated and stored to provide easy access, safety and security. If necessary, we utilize off-site facilities for archiving association materials and financial records.

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Database and Website Management

Our association management software (AMS), internet4associations (i4a) is an easy to use, web-based software designed by and for associations. The integrated software enables staff to manage our clients’ website content, e-commerce transactions, membership and contacts, activities, meeting and event management, eMarketing, reporting, and much more. We have a close working relationship with the software management team so that software enhancements can be made as our client’s needs evolve. Our buying power helps save our clients’ money and the software allows staff to be more efficient, optimizing valuable resources.

The AMS includes a fully integrated Web Content Management system enabling each Team to manage the entire website with point and click ease. No programming or HTML knowledge required. Staff is able to create website content, dynamic forms, upload files, and manage most aspects of your website.

I4a  also includes an intuitive Membership and Meeting Registration solution allowing members to apply, renew, register, order, and update their profiles online. It’s convenient for them, and saves valuable time and resources.

Features in our Association Management Software include:

  • Web Content Management;
  • Searchable Membership Directory;
  • Secure Members Only;
  • E-commerce Enabled;
  • Membership/Contact Management Database;
  • Conference Management & Online Registration;
  • Online Membership Application & Renewal Processing;
  • Accounts Receivable & Transaction Accounting;
  • Reporting & Query Wizard;
  • Broadcast Email /e-Marketing.

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Journals, Publications, Communications and Social Media Management

Social Media

We live in a society where information is available with the majority of our daily interactions occurring electronically. L&L Management understands that associations must embrace many types of social media in order to serve their membership quickly and effectively. Mobile applications, blogs, videos, podcasts, listservs, eMentoring and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, are all strategies we use to help our clients stay connected and create a community among their members.


Keeping members informed of the latest news and information is a core function of any association. Written communication in the form of journals, newsletters, brochures, white papers, fact sheets and CDs/DVDs are all ways L&L Management can help association members stay informed. Many of our clients own journals that are ranked among the top in their field. We negotiate contracts and work with Editors and publishers to make sure processes and systems are in place for the most economical and timely production for all print and online journals. Whether print or electronic, we use existing publication templates or design new ones that reflect the unique personality of each association. Writing, editing, and brand-compliance are all within our scope of service. We have a history of working with expert consultants and Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers to enusure the clients interests are safely guarded. 


An association wouldn’t be complete without an accurate and current list of their membership. L&L Management has a proven system to manage important data regarding our clients’ members in a format that is accessible, searchable and tailored to meet their specific needs. Although electronic directories are becoming the norm, L&L has extensive experience in producing print directories as well.

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L&L has developed relationships with many companies that provide additional support and resources, when an organization feels an additional dimension of support is needed. These companies include law firms, certified public accounting firms, investment and insurance companies, and many other specific consultants. Our goal when hiring an outside consultant on behalf of our clients is to use companies that provide association-tailored services. Our network assures competent, reliable and cost-effective outside professional services when needed.